Genuine Hanagasa Dance - Quick Lesson

Kunpu MogamigawaZao Gyoko

Zao Gyoko

(1) (Intro) Hold your hat with both hands, keeping to the rhythm by tapping your knees together 9 times.
(2) Soro Raise your hat to the back of your head while shifting your right foot to the right. (2)
(3) Ta-a Move the raised hat to your left by drawing a large circle from the right enveloping your head and stretch your left arm out to your left side tapping your left elbow while shifting your weight onto your right leg, then look left. (3)
  Sorota In the same manner as before, turn the hat from left to right, then look right.(2)(3)
(4) Yo-oo  Put your right foot forward and move your hat to the front resting it face-down, then spin your hat around once while stepping forward with your left foot. Then stand tall with both feet together, resting the hat on your lap. (4)(5)(1)
(6) Kasaodo  Move your hat lightly from chest level to your lower left in a flowing motion, and put your right foot in front of you. (6)(as if fanning your left side)
(7) Ri-i Now, in a continuing motion, put your left foot forward and vigorously raise your hat over your head (7)(Practice with some steps on the spot for a while and then move forward when you are ready.)
(8) So Extend your hat in the traveling direction, and put your right foot forward.  Then put your hat back in its original position while putting your left foot forward. (8)
  Ro-o ta  In the same manner as before but in the reverse movement, take 3 steps forward, starting with your raised left foot. Then raise the right foot while moving your hat to your lower right in a flowing motion. (Continuing from the previous movement, it should look like your hat is drawing a mountain.)
(9) Akino  Take 2 steps forward, starting with your raised right foot while turning your hat like a steering wheel from right to left then right, then lower your hips by bending your knees on the third step, (9)(10)
  Choi Choi  Bring both feet together and stand tall. Tap your knees with your hat to the beat of the music. (1)
(11) Dehoyo  Lightly move your left foot to the left, shifting your weight at the same time and touch your right shoulder & right knee with your hat, then raise it to your upper right and look up at “the mountain.” (shoulder, knee, gaze up)(11)(12)(13)
  Ri-i Mada  In the same manner as before, now touch your left shoulder while shifting your weight to the right leg, touch your left knee and gaze toward your upper left. 
(14) So Lower your hat to your right while bringing both feet together and standing with your left hand on your waist. (14)
(15) Rota-aa Put your right foot in front of you and raise your left leg, hopping slightly at the same time, as you lower the hat down with your right hand from an upper right direction to a lower left direction. Next, put your left foot down in front of you, then bring your right foot to the left, stand tall, and in a robust action place the hat over your right shoulder. (15)(16)
(17) Ha Yassho Makasho  Step toward the traveling direction with your right foot, and thrust your hat skyward twice. (17)
  Shan-shan-shan  Now, step toward the traveling direction with your left foot, and thrust your hat skyward twice in the same manner. (like when cheering: ei, ei, o!) 
(18) (Interlude) Hold your hat up right in front of you as if gripping a steering wheel and call out “So-re!” Then, bring both feet together, lower your hips by bending the knees and next, deftly spread your feet wide apart wide so you are in a squatting position. (18)
  (Interlude) Immediately thrust your hat to your left and right as in (2) (3), then proceed as in (4) (5) and spin your hat around once, stand tall as you did in the beginning (1), then repeat straight away again from (2). 
    Note: The same movement is repeated twice in both the interlude as well as in the part where the singing starts. 
Kunpu MogamigawaZao Gyoko
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