Origins of the Hanagasa Festival

The Hanagasa Festival has its origins in the 'Zao Summer Festival' which started to promote tourism in Zao, Yamagata.
The 'Hanagasa Dance Song Parade', which was a part of that festival, separated in 1965 as the 'Yamagata Hanagata Festival'.
Regarding the 'Hanagasa Odori' dance, they say that in the early years, red dyed paper was tied to bamboo hats to create a flower hat which people waved and twirled to enliven their mood.

Style of HanagasaStyle of Hanagasa

Hanagasa Dance Song

The 'Hanagasa Dance Song' performed at the 'Yamagata Hanagasa Festival' is based on the 'Dontsuki Song', sung during the Meiji-Taisho Era in the Murayama region of Yamagata Prefecture.
The "Yassho, Makasho" calls were cried out during 'Dontsuki' or rather, when pounding on the dirt during irrigation work on the outskirts of Obanazawa (Yamagata Prefecture).
This turned into the festival song and the mix of various folk songs are said to have turned into the new Dontsuki song, the 'Hanagasa Dance Song'.

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